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with Hayley Overall IFBB PRO

With so many nonsense weight-loss programs & conflicting advice being given out all over the internet about what constitutes a healthy diet, I completely understand your confusion & frustration! We are inundated by influencers all promoting the latest 'diet product', or 'must do booty building workout'. It is no wonder people feel so overwhelmed. - Unfortunately it all comes down to money, rather than having your best interests & health at heart.


With my knowledge, support & proven track record within the industry, yes, I help make you stronger & fitter but I also give you life-long tools that lead to a healthier & happier lifestyle that you will be able to maintain independently in the future - No-one should be on a diet forever!

I promise you, that investing your money into you health, fitness and well-being will be the best thing you ever do!
I work very closely with each & every one of my clients to set & achieve realistic goals, support them daily & allow them to see their potential through a supportive & positive process.

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Hayley and I am an IFBB Wellness Professional Athlete and Online Fitness Coach, offering coaching services for lifestyle clients, competition clients and every client in between.  I specialise in fat loss, muscle gain, body transformations and bodybuilding. 

I write bespoke, personalised nutrition & training plans that are specifically tailored to each person & their goals.

My passion is helping others to achieve a goal that they never thought was possible,

whilst building healthy habits, their dream body & confidence!

Since 2019, I have had the pleasure of helping people completely transform their body & their mindset by showing them just how realistic it can be to reach a goal. 

No matter what the goal, I am whole-heartedly dedicated to supporting your journey every step of the way, & most importantly, to getting you results - alongside enjoyable training & without restrictive diets.

My client's goals are my priority & I am 100% committed to their progress - This is what I pride myself on! 

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Why Online Coaching?

Unfortunately, having a 1 hour PT session each week in the gym will see you make little to no progress at all. 

What about the other 167 hours in the week? Even if you kill yourself in your gym session, it simply will not get you the results that you are after & rarely comes with outside support or guidance. And then if you decide to book multiple PT sessions per week, it starts getting VERY expensive...

In fact, 2-3 PT sessions per week is the same price as 1 whole month of online coaching with me...and what about nutrition? It is true that you cannot out-train a bad diet... but this does not mean that you have to be miserable eating nothing but chicken & veg all-day everyday!

Personalised Plans for Real Results


2-3 personal training sessions in the gym each week is the same price as one whole month of coaching with me.



Your nutrition is calculated to your body & goal. I offer fixed, semi-flexible & full flexible dieting options. 

Your training is tailored to your body, goal, ability & experience. With your unique workouts on your own app with video demos, it makes the process simple & motivating. No need to worry about re-arranging your schedule, you will be able to manage your own calendar.


motivation & support

Weekly check-in feedback to ensure you stay accountable and continue your progress week after week!

Unsure whether you are doing an exercise correctly or simply want to improve? Send me videos of your training & I will provide helpful feedback for injury prevention & optimal muscle engagement.

guaranteed PROGRESSION

Track & record on your own personal app, from your  progress pictures to your measurements. 

You’ll be able to track weight on every exercise, celebrate when you hit personal bests & record comments after every



Nutrition, sleep & stress management impact your physical progress & overall well-being.


It is my job to support you in creating a positive routine, mindset & healthy habits.

Do You Want to...?


Nutrition & training plans that improve your mental health as well as your physical health.


No matter how big or small the goal, from fat loss to building muscle, we can sculpt your body.


Shine with strength & confidence with the body you never thought could be possible! 

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Build life-long healthy habits to make you healthier & happier inside & out. 


Studies show that we are more likely to reach our goals with support. From direct support from me & ideas from others, it makes it easier to reach your goals.


Learn on your journey so that you are able to keep the body you worked so hard for & can continue to improve!

No Goal is Too Big or Small!

To Make Progress,

You Must Get Started.

The Key is to get Started Today.


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“I started my journey with Hayley after the first lockdown. I was fortunate enough to have a home gym so was doing lots of home workouts during the first lockdown which I was really enjoying but when the lockdown restrictions relaxed a little and gyms reopened I really wanted an online coach who’d be able to tailor a plan completely to my goals.

I’d been chatting to Hayley throughout the whole of lockdown a long time before I became a client of hers.

She’s lovely, she puts you totally at ease and talks through absolutely everything from diet to technique and form. She celebrates every win with you regardless how small it may seem and kept me motivated and determined to achieve my goals!

I made fantastic progress. I was on high calories and my diet plan meant I could enjoy all the things I liked and we planned for birthdays/celebrations so that I could enjoy cheat meals and not miss out.

As I enjoyed my home workouts, Hayley planned both home and gym workouts based on the equipment I had access to and how regularly I could actually get to the gym. Each plan is completely unique and even though I encountered an injury in my lower back (through zorb football being a big kid!!) Hayley mixed my plan up so that I didn’t put pressure onto my back.

Hayley knows her stuff, she is a fantastic coach, a great friend and I’ll definitely be signing back up with her in the future”

- Lisa H

“Where do I even begin?! Firstly, I cannot thank Hayley enough. Not only for being my coach & maintaining such an impeccable standard of professionalism but for also being so honest, supportive and personable.

I’ve struggled with my body & weight for as long as I can remember, from being a size 22 (pushing 18st) & morbidly obese to having an eating disorder whereby I binged & purged by abusing laxatives. I was stuck in a vicious cycle of self hate & self destruction for along time.

I discovered my love for weight lifting in 2015 & since then have fallen in love with the gym. Whilst my knowledge had grown in the gym & diet had somewhat improved I still knew there was room for improvement & for a long while I toyed with the idea of a coach but the thought of getting obsessed with scales & weight terrified me. I’d worked hard to break negative cycles & thought weekly weigh-ins would bring old habits back.

Hayley has been one of my closest friends for awhile & I’ve watch her grow as a person & training with & seeing her develop both mentally & physically really made me want to go for it. It was a big step putting my trust wholeheartedly into someone to manage my diet & to critique me & my body weekly...it terrified me to be perfectly honest! But I bit the bullet...& I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I ever made!!

In a short amount of time I saw changes I’d wanted for years & looking over my before & after I couldn’t believe how much my body was changing & even better I couldn’t believe how much food I was eating!!! Hayley listened to what I liked & disliked with both my diet & exercise preferences. She took my personal life into consideration & made my plan work for me. It was fun. I loved my sessions & enjoyed my meals. But most importantly mentally I felt strong. I didn’t get obsessed with numbers or weighing myself. I didn’t skip meals. I stayed consistent & the results speak from themselves.

Honestly, if you’ve debated getting a coach for awhile. Do it. Speak to Hayley, it’ll be the best decision you’ll make today!”

-Emma S

“After the birth of my second child and trying (and failing) to lose weight, I knew I needed to find someone who could help me not only lose weight, but to be fitter, healthier and to help repair my relationship with food. I came across Hayley’s profile and could tell from her photos, videos and positivity that she was someone who could help me get to where I wanted to be.


Hayley gave me far more than I expected. Not only did she help with my fitness, diet and food relationships she gave me beaming confidence and a healthy mindset!


Hayley is always so helpful and motivational and on those days where I felt I was struggling she really helped me. She made me feel empowered and fabulous! I can’t thank Hayley enough for all she did, not only physically but also mentally. I will definitely be working with Hayley again in the future!”

- Vicky N